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Epipal | An Epilepsy Alert App

Published on Jul 3, 2023

Living with epilepsy is an arduous journey for not only those living with epilepsy but also those closest to the individual living with epilepsy. The unpredictability of seizures along with the stress of everyday management add to the stresses of living epilepsy. These stresses can often lead to further health issues within the family due to stress unless properly dealt with.

Epipal aims to help families living with this burden. Epipal’s research backed seizure detection works on everyday devices including smartphones and smartwatches, this means that there is no need for any additional purchase. When a seizure is detected an alert is sent out to all specified emergency contacts. Epipal allows you to add as many emergency contacts as you need. Keep in mind you can always delete and add emergency contacts as you desire.

Epipal is currently available on both android and iOS devices. Feel free to check out what Epipal has to offer and see if Epipal works for you and your family.

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