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Epipal | Seizure App

Published on Jul 3, 2023

Epipial is a seizure detection app which works without the need for any additional purchases. Epipal works on everyday devices such as iphones and android watches, additionally Epipal can pair with your iWatch or wearOS watch to enhance its detection however this is not necessary. Epipal runs in the background of your device and sends alerts to specific emergency contacts when a seizure is detected.

Epipal’s seizure detection works by looking at multiple biomarkers that are indicative of a seizure. The main motion, heart rate and breathing rate to blood oxygen and body temperature. We understand that everyone's epilepsy is different, that's why Epipal’s algorithm improves over time adapting to your specific epilepsy. You can also adjust the detection’s sensitivity to fit your needs.

Epipal’s seizure detection algorithm is backed by years of research with top neurologists across the country. Hundreds of families currently rely upon Epipal for their safety and peace of mind. We’ve heard many stories of our users unlocking new found freedom and independence and hope you and your family can find the same success.

Epipal is currently available on both android and iOS devices. Feel free to check out what Epipal has to offer and see if Epipal works for you and your family.

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