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Watch Seizure Detection & Alerts

Published on Jun 12, 2023

Epipal Introduces Watch Seizure Detection.

After years of research with thousands of seizures, Epipal is proud to announce we have finally released support for our seizure detection algorithm on wearbles (Apple Watch, WearOS). This means you can take the safety epipal provides with you even when your phone isn't on you.

Epipal now provides seizure detection on all of your everyday devices without requiring the purchasing of extra hardware. Now you can cover all the bases without breaking the bank. For patients, gain confidence knowing epipal is there for you. For caregiver, gain peace of mind knowing you'll be the first to know if we detected a seizure.

Epipal's watch detection provides support for tonic-clonic seizures and other motion related seizures. Set up Epipal's watch detection from our mobile app and set the configure the sensitivity to your needs and go about your day.

In addition, Epipal now provides Heart Rate Alerts. We understand that everyone's epilepsy is different and you are the expert on your epilepsy. Set up Epipal's Heart Rate alerts to run on you watch to send alerts to your Epipal family if your heart rate goes above or below a certain level.

At Epipal we are committed to using the power of family to improve the lives of those living with epilepsy. See how epipal can work for you and your family.

What devices does Epipal's Watch Seizure Detection?

Epipal works on everyday smartwatch devices and does not require and specifalized hardware devices. Specifically Epipal is compatible with all Apple Watch and all WearOS Watches.

How does Epipal's Watch Seizure Detection work?

Epipal's watch seizure detection takes into account multiple different biomarkers to ensure a seizure alarm is only raised when there is actually a seizure. From heart rate and breathing rate to body temperature and blood oxygen levels, Epipal integrates multiple biomarkers to classify a seizure. Additionally, Epipal's watch seizure detection algorithm learns and adapts based on your specific epilepsy.

What happends when a seizure is detected?

When a seizure is detected Epipal will alert you first giving you an opportunity to disarm the alarm if you are not having a seizure. After this period an alert will be sent to the emergency contacts you have set.

Download on Apple.

Download on Android.